How to fix dry, dehydrated hair

Davines-Essential-Haircare-MOMO-Hair-Potion-abloomnova.net_-1600x1068 How to fix dry, dehydrated hair

Suffering from split ends, tangles, broken strands and brittleness? You have dry, dehydrated and/or damaged hair.

But according to Women’s Health Mag, dry hair is not a hair type—it’s a condition that can be treated. Your first step: Find out what’s stripping strands of their natural oils. We asked experts in the field to nail down some culprits, as well as simple treatments to nix dry, damaged hair for good.


Summer includes overexposure to the sun, swimming, and products with alcohol, which can all dehydrate hair. And with winter comes extreme cold followed by overheated indoors, which can make hair parched and dry.


Too many smoothing treatments done close together can leave your locks super thirsty. These treatments work effectively to smooth out hair and make it luscious and dreamy, but if they are done too frequently, the buildup of protein on the hair causes it to become brittle.


Birth control pills, pregnancy, and menopause are all times of physiological shifts within the body that can have an adverse effect on the hair, including dryness and brittleness. We recommend seeing your doctor to discuss treatment options.


Not all shampoos are created equal. Try not to use your man’s drying shampoo when yours runs out. You would be better off rinsing your hair a few times with just water to remove some of the oil, rather than risk the stripping effects of a shampoo that is not right for you.

Davines Essential Haircare MOMO / Hair Potion is a hair serum for dry hair and dehydrated hair and ideal for all types of hair requiring hydration. Its leave-on formula is characterised by a silky texture and is designed to deeply hydrate all the hair requiring it. It does not weigh down the hair. It gives hydration, leaving the hair soft and shiny.
The scent that characterises the MOMO family has a fruity and green note.

Apply to towel dried hair after using the conditioner and do not rinse off. It can be applied to dried hair as a final touch of hydration: it does not wet the hair. Apply approximately 6g product to medium length hair. If applied to dried hair, use approximately 2g product per application.

Natural active ingredients:

  • Cartucciaru Melon from Paceco – it gives lengthy hydration.
  • Conditioning agents – softening action.
  • Panthenol – gives moisture and shine to the hair.
  • Vitamin E – anti-oxidant action.

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