How to apply Dr. Hauschka Foundation

Dr.-Hauschka-Foundation-abloomnova.net_-1600x1094 How to apply Dr. Hauschka Foundation

What IS the best way to apply foundation? First of all – get a good product. Dr. Hauschka Foundation 02 Almond is lightweight, natural looking and the perfect canvas in which to base the rest of your makeup.

Thanks to Marie Claire magazine for these great foundation application tips. We hope you find them as handy as we did!

Step 1: Remove Makeup and Cleanse

Treat the skin with a cotton pad and a cleansing water which can be used as both a makeup remover and a way to prep the skin.

Pro Tip: « It’s best to make sure the skin is completely clean and prepped before applying moisturiser. Even if you aren’t wearing makeup, this sensitive cleansing water almost always removes leftover makeup, dirt, and grime from the skin. Behind the scenes at fashion week this cleansing water is what makeup artists use to remove makeup. »

Step 2: Moisturise to Prime the Skin

After skin is cleansed properly, use a rich, nourishing moisturiser to rehydrate the skin.

Pro Tip: « It’s best to warm up the cream in between your hands then press it into the skin. If you’re more on the oily side, use a gel-based moisturiser that is matte and apply with just your fingertips or a foundation brush. »

Step 3: Apply Foundation with a Foundation Brush

Pro Tip: « Use a foundation brush and apply the foundation starting in the centre of the face and blend out. »

When it comes to choosing a formula, look for something that looks natural, has a flawless finish, and feels weightless – like Dr. Hauschka Foundation for instance.

Step 4: Gently Blend in a Rolling Motion 

Start with a *damp* application sponge because it softens the sponge and won’t absorb any of the product you just applied to your face.

Pro Tip: « Blend the foundation with a rolling motion and press it into the skin. »

Step 5: Conceal Blemishes and Redness

Tap on concealer to hide any blemishes or redness that’s coming through.

Pro Tip: « I like to use a clean fingertip as the warmth of the hand helps blend it. It also adds just the right amount of product to cover the blemish. »

Step 6: Set

You must set with a translucent powder. Using a soft, small, and natural hair brush, gently tap any excess product off then sweep the setting powder only over areas that tend to be shiny: in between the eyebrows, down and around the nose, under the eye, and on the chin.

Pro Tip: « Be sure not to over-powder! You still want your skin to look like skin. »

Step 7: Voilà

Congratulations—you’ve *officially* got glowing, movie star skin—own it.



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