How to improve the benefits of your face cream

Davines-Naturaltech-Nourishing-Hair-Royal-Jelly-Superactive-abloomnova.net_-1600x1064 How to improve the benefits of your face cream

Finding a face cream that is light, easily absorbed and effective can be a hit and miss process. There are a lot of creams about, but your type of skin has very specific demands. It’s worth trying the range of creams available to see what works, but we’ve found one of our favourites, Dr. Hauschka Med Ice Plant Face Cream, simply because we love the brand and decided to give it a go.

And once things for sure – it’s ultra absorbent. However – skincare trick here – if you want to improve the absorption of your current cream, make sure you apply it on wet skin.

As soon as you wash or come out of the bath or shower, your moisturiser should be applied and massged in. Then you should leave it. This is the best way of ensuring optimum absorption – as the skin and the atmosphere around it dries quickly and naturally.

Dr. Hauschka Med Ice Plant Face Cream is used as a daily skin care product, the highly skin-compatible Ice Plant Face Cream provides invisible protection and strengthens the fine facial skin without leaving any signs of greasy residue. Developed in co-operation with experienced dermatologists, this pleasant-feeling cream instantly leaves your skin feeling beautiful and, when regularly used, extends the carefree phases in which you can enjoy balanced skin.

Together with a multi-phase composition of high-quality plant oils, which give the skin instant protection, white poppy-seed-oil and the pressed ice plant juice create a rich day cream for lasting skin care. It noticeably and sustainably reduces dryness and the associated itchiness and gives your skin an invisible yet stabilising protective layer.

This is everyday daily skin care for the face which leaves your skin feeling all-round beautiful, and noticeably and sustainably reduces dryness and the associated itchiness.

Apply 1-2 droplets of cream onto your face every day. The cream absorbs quickly and works well as a base for make-up.

*Free from mineral oils, parabens, silicone and PEG

**Certified natural and/or organic cosmetics

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