The many great uses of concealer

Dr.-Hauschka-Concealer-02-abloomnova.net_-1394x1600 The many great uses of concealer
Concealer has come a long way since we were teenagers. Back then we used thick creams that oozed out of tubes bought from our local drugstore. They were almost always the wrong shade, a bit too dark or five shades too light – and of course, they were used zealously to cover a multitude of teen blemishes, including acne, pimples and flare-ups.
So, we come to the present day, and maybe our skin has calmed down a little since then, but it’s always good to have a good concealer as a handy sidekick in our makeup bag.
According to Stylecaster, concealer can solve so many of our beauty woes. From evening out our skin tone to hiding pimples to cleaning up makeup mistakes, concealer proves itself as more than a one-trick pony. However, most women are not using concealer to its full advantages. Advertised to hide blemishes, it’ll make such a difference in your beauty routine once you learn all the benefits your little tube of concealer has, and how to get the best coverage from it.
Color of concealer matters 

Depending on the colour of the blemish you are concealing, the colour of the concealer matters. Most dark circles or brown spots have blue undertones so use a warm peachy coloured concealer to neutralize and then blend and add foundation if needed

Brightens the eyes
You can use concealers around the eyes to hide bags and brighten. They’re easy to use in such a small area as the eye, with a brush pen.

Some women are hesitant about using a highlighter to enhance their bone structure due to its striking white/silver colouring. To ease into highlighter techniques, start with a lighter colour concealer.  A good trick is to use a lighter concealer and use it as a highlighter over the bone structure. Its texture is similar, the colouring is just closer to your natural colours.
Smooth out skin
Sometimes after applying concealer, your skin can get a little bumpy. A good concealer just freshens up without having to apply more. If you have lines or creases that attract the concealer it smooths them out.
Prevent bleeding lipstick
Have a hard time keeping your bright red lipstick inside your lip line? Concealer is a secret weapon in achieving a precise bold lip. After applying lipstick, use a tiny bit on a small concealer brush to define the outside edge of the lipstick. This also helps keep the lipstick from feathering or bleeding.

One of our favourite concealers is Dr. Hauschka Concealer 02 – a beautifully balanced cover-up: it gives natural coverage to conceal imperfections. The formulation combines mineral pigments with nourishing botanical ingredients such as calendula and shea butter to nurture skin.

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