Ella Bache Gel de Gommage Delicat Exfoliating Gel

Remember one of our highlights in skin care routine from Spring to Summer?  It’s exfoliating!  And we are here to tell you that Ella Bache Gel de Gommage Delicat Exfoliating Gel is the exfoliator you should get for the summertime, and here’s why.

Have you tried an exfoliator that has a rich and creamy gel texture?  This exfoliating gel is formed of little particles that need you to burst them. Massage them into an oil based mousse filled with Polyethylene microspheres, which are so tiny and so gentle they melt on your skin. These micro-spheres remove dead skin cells and help your skin to regenerate vibrant, luminous look. We would recommended this to all who are always aiming for ‘delicacy’ in skin care, this is definitely the most gentle high quality exfoliator you could get in the market. On the sun care topic from before – exfoliate once a week (not right after a day outdoors), which will leave your skin with an even and glowy skin tone!

And even if you have a dryer skin type, as long as you don’t have cracks or serious damage on your skin, with ingredients such as oil and rose extracts it will keep your skin comfortable and get the most sensitive skin to be smoother, settled and more easy to absorb other products to keep fully hydrated!

Have you ever tried on other exfoliating products with a unique texture like this one?  Share with us!

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