Thalgo Ultimate Exception Time Solution Rich Cream

Good news everyone! Thalgo has launched their Ultimate Exception Time Solution Rich Cream, it just happened that mum passed this newest sample to her friend, Sharon. She very helpful in sending me pictures every other day for me to check on her progress. Though it’s a shame that she’s shy to have all her selfies upload on the Internet, so let me share with you how amazing this product is.

From what I observed from Sharon, the point mentioned on the box – Cellular regeneration in which it reactivate and reinitializes ingredients that are for all fading skins. When you notice any wrinkles or sagging of your skin, you should definitely invest in one of these. Highly, highly recommended!

Sharon said she adores the product not only of its functions, since she has been Thalgo’s customer for years, she is the type of person who either puts on nothing, or is fully committed to a brand. Or sometimes choosing just one treatment designed particularly for her immediate rescue, I know it’s a bad practice for anyone to do so. But oh well, it’s Sharon, and now she’s ready to go for her daughter’s wedding (Congratulation!).

She said the richness of the cream is her favourite part, since this Rich cream is for those who have dry and very dry skin, she said not only it does its job in melting the ingredient into the skin, but by overlaying it in two still the cream can be absorb quickly, but of course, as mentioned in most of my blogs, you really need to take some time to massage the product in to maximize its functions.


And massage your face from the direction taught by the Thalgo experts themselves – apply the cream from the center of your face outwards, as the rich texture can make you feel it is stretching, which is really working! And all through out massaging your skin with small cicrcular movements. From Sharon’s photos bombs on my Snapchat, and from what my mum told me, her face has been contoured, redefined, looking more youthful basically!!

Other than the cream, we as well made her try the Thalgo Exception Ultimate Time Solution Eyes and Lips, when focusing on anti-ageing products, it’s essential to put extra efforts on the most delicate area. Every inch of our skin has its uniqueness, to adore each part of it, I always listen to what I feel– feel if there is any itchiness, does it smell good, and is the product actively contributing, interacting with my skin.

Thalgo products are always so gentle to smooth out our wrinkles, not only has Sharon brought an extra one for her new year resolution of smoothing her wrinkles under eyes, I also use it after a long night out or a business trip, just to make sure they stay firm after all that tiredness!

Lastly, I would like to speak on behalf of Sharon’s case, every individual has their different type of skin, and Abloomnova has a whole team taking care of your skin, drop us an email: and talk to us! We would love to assist to wherever we can!



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