Thalgo Delicious Comfort cream

Hello lovelies! It’s Christmas Eve and I hope you are enjoying your time with your families, friends and lovers! But those of you are able to give a quick look to my blog and have some spare time to wander around on the Internet, I got you.

You’ve been treating people around you with love and surprises, so let me remind you NOT TO FORGET YOURSELF! Get yourself something in rewards for being good for the year: for the ups and downs, dealing with numerous loads of work or trying your best to be yourself, it’s worth it, don’t you think? Some of my friends had already planned to visit a salon before the New Year, and so I am inspired to introduce you with this – Thalgo Delicious Comfort Cream : it gives your skin  the smoothness like you had treated yourself a spa! No kidding! There’s one time when I was trying this product for reviews in our range, and friends did notice a slight difference. Not only because they are expert in skin care products, but they could see an “extra glow that you usually don’t have”. And I enjoy seeing my pores getting smaller, since I was sun burnt from the summer and had damaged my skin by dehydration. Its nourishing agent is repairing the texture of my skin, so it is gives extra and it fits the job.

Merry Christmas!

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