Thalgo Extreme Comfort Cream

Extreme-Comfort-Cream Thalgo Extreme Comfort Cream

Talking about comfort, what’s your most comfortable experience with skin care and which range? Using non-sensitive line or is there any specific brand you are committed to because of its comfiness?

Comfiness is pretty difficult to find during colder weather, as my skin is pretty sensitive and have to deal with different product testing. With this windiness that would chill your skin outside and a heater that would make your skin feel uncomfortable inside, I have been sticking with one skin care product that helped me through these days, Thalgo comfort series, at least I would call them comfort series!

Remember how I stressed on staying hydrated in the previous blog? Drinking more water, stay away from steamy shower, stick with Abloomnova (haha) and taking Omega-3 Fatty Acid capsules. Here Abloomnova have picked this recommended solution for you: Thalgo Extreme Comfort Cream, not only it has good oils to stay hydrate your skin, but it also repairs your skin with all the restructuring oils, they are really good oils – if you’ve heard of musk rose oil, rapeseed and corn oil. They are all focusing on comfort yet doing their job in digging deep into your skin, and releasing a new protective barrier.

As said it’s specialized for those who have dry skin, but for those who doesn’t have dry skin type, listen carefully to your skin: does it react to how you feel? In different weather or change in lifestyle, our skin will react differently and so there’s no  way in staying in mono skin type, like I changed from problem to normal skin, but I do get dry and sensitive skin from time to time. So if you stay late, going out for sunbathing and staying close to heater at home, eating higher energy food and drinking less water, probably you need to look at your skin care routine (and your lifestyle) again, do a seasonal check and adjust what is right for you. Drop us an e-mail:

If you have no idea how to deal with your skin, Abloomnova is always open to help you!

Don’t have to worry if you already have lots of day/ night cream products on hand and don’t have space for this comfiness for now, cause we have more to introduce you to! Like our Thalgo Reviving Marine Mist, ease off your day of the rays from computer screen, what would be a better solution than a spray of fine mist on your face to refresh yourself? It’s good that I kept a bottle on my work desk so I wouldn’t forget to take care of myself while searching for the best for you girls!

As you know I am a mask lover, here’s another Thalgo mask I would like to introduce during this winter – Thalgo Moisture Quenching Mask, well- worth, not like paper mask that would dry off and take back of your moisture if you didn’t take it off in time. Some tips when you put on a mask: clean your face and take off any traces left of your makeup (My Thalgo favourite in this matter Thalgo Gentle Make-up Remover Eyes & Lips an ultra gentle makeup remover designed to take off all traces of eye and lip makeup whilst comforting the eye area). Apply the mask all over your face, but avoiding the eye area. Do lye down so it stays on your skin, as the gel can still pull down your pores while you have it on, so the best way to fight against gravity and maximize the effect brought from masks is to chill and relax on your sofa or bed, read a book or just take a 15-20 mins nap. And remember to rinse it thoroughly, I would wash it off completely (I use Thalgo Cleansing Water 2-in-1 to do a wipe off! ) because it has fulfilled its job and there’s no use for the ‘residue’ rest on your skin!

Abloomnova xx

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