A Tomato A Day Keeps Dullness Away!

Ella-Bache-healthy-glow-cream A Tomato A Day Keeps Dullness Away!

Are you a nature lover who is into skincare products that are truly natural and organic? The Ella Bache Cream with Organic Tomato heard your calling!

Let’s call it the ‘tomato cream’, packed in a red bottle with a certified organic label by Ecocert & CosmoBio, a textured thick cream moisturiser that blends softly on our skin, you can instantly feel a blanket covering your skin yet after a few taps, the thickness will be gone as it absorbs quickly, your skin will feel moisturize and oxygenated.

What do we mean by ‘oxygenated’? Well, as tomato has a key component that benefits our skin – lypene, it is a natural antioxidant which helps to defend our skin against aging from the sun, pollution and any dusty places! Not only lypene, tomato also comes with high nutrition in vitamin A, C and K to further strengthen and repair our skin cells, as knowing collagen relies on vitamin C to develop a better support system, you can tell the tomato cream brings a smoother and brighter complexion!

Organic products always supported by the empowerment of plants, there is not only tomato in the ‘tomato cream’, but a great variety of organic ingredients we are familiar with: apricot, carrot, orange and more veggies born with vibrant colour and full of nutrition, we are so excited to find these ingredients in just one bottle! It’s an ‘all you can eat’ meal plan for your skin, be carefree with stressful environment and get these yummies in the tummy!

And for anyone who expected the tomato cream is filled with tomato smell, it’s NOT! Our team laughed so hard for our misinterpreting (we nearly put a bet on guessing the scent!), it’s a lovely leafy gingery scent blends with hint of freshness! So have no worries if you are worried about the usual earthy organic smell, we are so in love with this happy bottle of goodness!

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P.S. Grab yourself a bowl of cherry tomatoes today!

organic-tomato-800x536 A Tomato A Day Keeps Dullness Away!

Love x

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