How herbs can help problem skin

REN-Evercalm-Global-Protection-Day-Cream-abloomnova.net_-1600x1068 How herbs can help problem skin

Medicinal herbs can heal and balance the skin. Many herbs (which are packed with minerals, antioxidants, and bioflavonoids) are great for the skin. Herbs can help cleanse, hydrate, heal, and balance the skin.

Skin contains naturally occurring oils. These oils, also known as sebum, protect and lubricate the skin. Washing with harsh soaps or alcohol based cleansers removes sebum and damages the skin. In order to get the best out of skin, we need to treat skin gently.

But with modern life comes skin which is prone to developing problems. Symptoms of poor skin health include sores, spots, cracks, oiliness, dryness, scaling, itching, chapping, pimples, and rash. Causes are varied and, according to Every Green Herb,  may include stress, caffeine overload, allergies, high copper levels, poor digestion, constipation, poor circulation, lack of exercise, sun damage, irritating cosmetics, liver malfunction, air pollution, dehydration, and drug or alcohol abuse.

In order to improve skin health, we can start with improving our diet. Healthy skin requires good diet and lots of water. Include citrus fruits, whole grains, carrots, beets, cucumbers, and other fresh veggies in the diet to maintain beautiful skin.

But we should also look at what products we use on the outside of our skin, and in terms of gentle care, Dr. Spiller Biomimetic Skin Care Herbal Cleansing Gel is one of the best products to start with.

This is a soap-free and oil-free deep cleansing gel to gently remove impurities and excess oils. Herbal Extracts balance the skin’s pH to help control acne-forming bacteria while protecting the skin from environmental influences.

This product, with its water base, has been designed to be effective for impure problem skin and skin prone to acne. A water-soluble cleansing concentrate with herbal extracts to balance the skin’s pH, control acne-forming bacteria and protect the skin against irritations and inflammations.

Use morning and evening by applying a small amount to a moist face, neck and décolleté, and work into lather. Remove by rinsing thoroughly with warm water, follow with appropriate toner.

Active ingredients:

  • Birch Leaf Extract
  • Chamomile Extract
  • Hops Extract
  • Dandelion Extract
  • Hay Flower Extract
  • Horse Chestnut Extract
  • Yarrow / Milfoil
  • Gentian Extract

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