Why we need to take extra care of our eyes and lips

Carita-Progressif-Anti-Age-Global-Perfect-Cream-for-Eyes-and-Lips-abloomnova.net_ Why we need to take extra care of our eyes and lips

When it comes to eyes and lips, the thin skin means that we need to take extra TLC around this area. Carita Progressif Anti-Age Global Perfect Cream for Eyes and Lips is suitable for the most delicate areas of mature skins, and offers a targeted and effective anti-ageing response. This skin’s softness and firmness are restored, puffiness and dark circles fade and the lip contour area are redefined.

If you’re wondering why eyes and lips need extra care, this Q&A from FutureThis might help:

Do I really need to use an eye cream as I already use serums and a moisturiser?

The skin around the eyes is much thinner and delicate compared to the rest of the face. Due to thinner skin, signs of ageing around the eyes are seen first. These signs include fine lines, wrinkles, expression lines, crow’s feet and circulatory issues like puffiness and dark circles.

The active ingredients in eye creams are specifically selected and formulated in smaller molecular structures to ensure sufficient and better penetration. These ingredients are also specially chosen because of their ability to tackle the concerns relevant to the eye contour.

What can I do to help with puffiness around the eye?

Never sleep with makeup on and avoid the use of mineral oils around the eye area (such as in makeup removers, eye creams and other moisturizers). Mineral oils seep into the eye contour, creates sluggish circulation and slows the detoxification around the eyes. Avoiding processed foods, caffeinated drinks and increasing intake of fresh food and water goes a long way in preventing puffiness.

Use products that can stimulate the circulation and detoxification around the eyes. Regular use of eye pads can give the skin an extra boost it needs. Facial treatments with built-in eye remedies are highly recommended.

Why do I get dark circles and what can I do to fix this?

Dark circles are also caused by lack of sleep and sluggish circulation. Too many caffeinated drinks, sugar and bad habits, such as smoking aggravates the condition. In some cases, dark circles are hereditary pigment related and so this can only be improved but not removed. Allergies and medications can also make the eyes appear tired and affect circulation and pigment.

By stimulating the circulation, hydrating the skin and removing dull dead skin cells, one can drastically improve the appearance of dark circles to a brighter eye contour.

What’s the difference between an eye gel and a cream?

Traditional cosmetic eye gels with light textures mostly target circulatory issues like puffiness and dark circles, whereas a cream targets the concerns related to drier skin which lead to fine lines and wrinkles.


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