Introducing the fantastic Gatineau Defi Lift 3D

7212693000 Introducing the fantastic Gatineau Defi Lift 3D

Age aint nothing but a number, and thanks to Gatineau Defi Lift 3D it’s something we shouldn’t be bothered about either. This particular product which is a lifting cream for the neck and bust – which are the two give away areas for the signs of ageing.

Although they are often neglected, the throat and décollete are nonetheless highly exposed, vulnerable areas that often betray a woman’s age sooner than her face.

Because the skin in this area is exposed to nearly constant movement and stress, its elasticity is pushed to the limit, often resulting in premature loss of tone. This in turn can lead to the formation of a “collar” of deep wrinkles that can be exacerbated by weight fluctuations.

The skin of the décollete is often exposed and as such thin and fragile, and can often develop lines before the skin on the face. It can easily be dehydrated because its particularly thin, providing minimal moisture reserves. That is why over time it loses elasticity and, inevitably, takes on a wrinkled, crepey appearance.

To use Gatineau Defi Lift 3D, simply use on perfectly cleansed skin. Apply the product morning and night to the throat and décollete, and massage gently in.


  • Peptilift an exclusive complex plant proteins- For immediate 3D effect
  • Almond proteins for surface tightening
  • Wheat protein for in depth tightening
  • Encapsulated soya peptides for firming action
  • Fixlift an exclusive molecule weaving a veil over the epidermis for long lasting lift effect
  • Combination of natural polysaccharides and Vitamin F to hold the lifting effect
  • Complex of Vitamin A, E and F to stimulate cellular renewal
  • Botufix to relax the skins tension to minimize expression lines
  • Vitamins A, E and F to form a protective film over the skin that helps prevent dehydration, while stimulating cell renewal
  • Camellia oil to nourish

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