5 tips to get glowing skin

Guinot-Brightening-Face-Mask-abloomnova.net_-1600x1143 5 tips to get glowing skin

Want to know the best route to glowing skin?

Follow these tips, from the good guys at DermStore.com

1. Stay Hydrated 

First you need to stay hydrated for a healthier you. Drinking plenty of water improves your body’s overall health and does great things for your largest organ: your skin. Glow from the inside, out.

2. Know Your Skin

Do you have oily skin, dry skin or combination? Take stock of what your skin is up to by looking at the size of your pores and where you typically get oily or dry. Larger pores are a sign of oily skin and needs plenty of astringents and retinoid to balance oil production. Products like astringents, retinoid and benzoyl peroxide decrease sebum or oil, and help eliminate shine. Oily skin is caused by hormone changes which cause excessive sebum and enlarged pores.

If your skin dries, cracks or peels during the summer you may want to adjust your environment. Dry or ashy skin can be due to lack of moisture from overuse of products that dry skin like retinoid or benzoyl peroxide, change in estrogen levels due to menopause or workplaces with dry environments and excessive air conditioning or lack of humidity.

3. Don’t Forget Your Fruits and Veggies 

You may have what you need for healthy skin already laying around the house or in your pantry. Green tea and chamomile extracts soothe the skin. Fruits add moisture and witch hazel decreases the size of pores.

This mask nourishes with plenty of antioxidants while hydrogel soothes the skin. Antioxidants are also great ingredients for a glowing complexion. Vitamin C and vitamin B decrease free radicals in skin, which helps eliminate brown spots and dull, flaky skin.

4. Try a Topical Retinoid

Retinoid and vitamin A products increase cellular turnover so younger oils replace older skin cells. This type of ingredient causes younger, plumper cells to absorb moisture and it decreases pigmentation or brown spots. With a rich texture and plenty of vitamins, this night cream reduces skin stress and restores your skin’s natural oils. Just be sure to wear sunscreen during the day, as retinoid will increase your skin’s sensitivity to light.

5. Look for Products Containing Ceramides

Ceramides are one of the naturally occurring lipids in the lipid barrier of the cell membrane. It is an important component of skin hydration and barrier. They are often placed in formulations that don’t clog pores.”

Guinot Brightening Face Mask helps to even your skin tone, reduce dark spots and brown spots. Your skin becomes brighter and regains radiance. As a 7 day treatment, use once a day every morning or evening before your face cream. Use before a night out for a spectacular boost of radiance.

For best results use with Brightening Day Cream SPF 30 and Brightening Night Cream.

Active component:

  • Melanoxyl: Slows down UV induced melanin production. Reduces initial melanin levels.
  • Vitamin C: Helps brighten the skin by inhibiting tyrosinase which causes tanning. Protects the skin from free radicals with its antioxidant and anti free radical properties. Boosts collagen synthesis and stimulates dermal regeneration.

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