A round up of the best Guinot skin products

Guinot-skin-products-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 A round up of the best Guinot skin products

Guinot believe that the condition of the body is just as important as the complexion on the face. With this in mind, we look at some of the best Guinot skin products that are big sellers on the Abloomnova website.

If you’re looking for something to firm, moisturise, tighten, calm, hydrate, nourish, smooth and/or lift – you’ve come to the right place. Guinot skin products have been scientifically tested – methodically trialled to make sure they have incredibly effective results. What’s more, Guinot is completely cruelty-free meaning you can enjoy a guilt-free feeling while treating your body to spa-style preparations.


Guinot Lait Hydrazone Corps – Velvet Skin Body Lotion 500ml

Guinot Hydrazone Corps is a lightweight re-hydrating moisturising body lotion that will repair, sooth and nourish even the driest skin. It leaves your skin feeling silky soft and repairs skin damage.

A moisturising lotion that gently envelops your skin and ensures exceptional comfort throughout the day. Apply daily to the whole body, paying special attention to those dry areas to gain its maximum effects.

Key Ingredients include Argan Oil which is nourishing and healing and Hydrocyte Complex which intensely moisturises the skin.


Guinot TechniSPA Actiserum Minceur Anti-Cellulite – Slimming Anti Cellulite Actiserum 250ml

Rapidly slim down exactly where you need it. After the 45 minutes session, results are visible and may be measured in centimetre loss.

Care secrets:

The TechniSPA® treatments offer exceptional results, thanks to the simultaneous use of three specific technologies:

  1. Double Dermo Lipo-Aspiration – In a single technical step, the massage head provides dual slimming action.As it moves over the skin, it has a vacuum effect, forming a double skin fold that boosts the effectiveness of the treatment. Patented system.
  2. Double Slimming Ionisation – The double ionisation technique optimises the penetration and diffusion of the Active Gel Serum slimming ingredients into the skin to enhance treatment results.
  3. Thermal Slimming Effect – Heat diffusion helps dissolve fat on the skin’s surface and activate cutaneous microcirculation, stimulating tissue drainage and smoothing away cellulite, while ensuring optimal comfort for the client.

Active components:

  • Slimming Anti-Cellulite Active Gel Serum is a concentration of natural active ingredients that work synergistically to fight against and eliminate cellulite.
  • Pineapple Bromelain “breaks down” fat deposits and thereby helps Caffeine deeply penetrate the skin to burn and eliminate fat.


Guinot Gommage Sucres-Kiwi – Sugar-Kiwi Body Scrub 500ml

Use before self-tanning creams and anti-cellulite creams/oils. Leaves skin moisturised and silky.

Sugar-kiwi scrub leaves the skin feeling surprisingly silky. Sugars and kiwi, natural particles, enable regenerative skin exfoliation. The skin is gently freed of dead skin cells, allowing it to breath and is able to receive the full benefit of the active treatment ingredients and other skin care products. The skin is thus clear, soft and comfortable, its texture is refined.


Guinot Douche Creme Hydrazone – Moisturising Shower Cream 200ml

A moisturising shower cream gently cleanses your skin leaving it soft, fresh and nourished.

The active ingredients include argan oil: rich in essential fatty acids; softens and nourishes the skin and sweet almond oil which helps prevent dry skin and restores the skin’s hydrolipidic film.

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