Creme Hydra Beaute from Guinot – for dehydrated skin

Creme Hydra Beaute from Guinot is an extremely effective moisturiser for dehydrated skin which restores the skin’s natural protective film which protects against environmental aggressors and reduces the feeling of tightness.

Comfort is restored and skin becomes more radiant and looks more refreshed while dehydration lines are reduced for a more youthful complexion.

But it contains some key ingredients which carry the burden of responsibility for helping to restore dehydrated skin back to its best. Two of these, hydrocyte liposomes and vitamin E, are tried and tested ingredients that have performed incredible things on skin.

Here’s a brief description of the work of both wonder ingredients:

  • “Hydrocyte” liposomes: Liposomes are microspheres used in pharmacy as a means of penetration. Their uniqueness is a structure similar to that of cell membranes, which gives them extraordinary properties. « Hydrocyte » liposomes are loaded with water hydrating the epidermis, whilst providing a non-stop source of hydration to the skin.
  • Vitamin E – for its anti-free radical properties. Vitamin E is a highly beneficial ingredient for the skin, especially when it’s combined with other antioxidants. This helps Creme Hydra Beaute from Guinot be incredibly effective for skin as it provides a first line defence against free radicals and other environmental damaging effects.

This Crème Hydra Beaute is also available as part of the Hydraclean Beauty Treatment. The Guinot Hydraclean Modelage Beaute Serum Creme Beauty Massage Cream Serum is used as part of a relaxing massage by professionals all over the body. It favours drainage and helps normalise the subcutaneous micro-circulation. It also relaxes the face and restores radiance to the complexion.

The Hydraclean treatment is recommended for visible results for all skin types. From the very first treatment, the skin is instantly clearer and more radiant.

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