Guinot Longue Vie Cellulaire – miracle cream

Guinot-Longue-Vie-Cellulaire-abloomnova.net_ Guinot Longue Vie Cellulaire – miracle cream

We’ve found the elixir of life. It’s not got flashy packaging, and you won’t have to remortgage the house to pay for it. But what it does do is defy science.

Guinot Longue Vie Cellulaire is an anti-aging cream which provides your skin with the 56 substances vital to cell life. These substances help your natural skin motivate cell renewal and prolong cell life.

This is a cream light enough for summer use, and rich enough for winter use. An all-rounder, and perfect for anyone who is concerned with ageing and mature skin.

This cream has a key compound which has many applications in beauty as well as health care. This compound, Milieu de Vie Cellulaire, is made up of 56 active biological ingredients vital to the existence of cells. The Milieu de Vie Cellulaire is used in hospitals to reconstitute skin, in particular during the care of seriously-burned patients. It gets incomparable results in regards to cell regeneration, for visibly younger and firmer skin.

Some more information on cell renewal

According to Harvard, there is new evidence that indicates that a progressive decline in stem cell frequency and function may significantly contribute to the conditions related to aging, but it is not known why this is.

Skeletal muscle is any muscle attached to our bones that we use to move. The regeneration of skeletal muscle relies on the life-long maintenance of a naturally occurring population of stem cells called satellite cells, which repair muscle.

Skeletal muscle weakens during aging largely due to defects in satellite cells. As we age, functional skeletal muscle tissue starts to be replaced by fatty and fibrous tissue causing an acquired muscle atrophy known as sarcopenia. This condition is similar to muscle loss in congenital muscle diseases, such as muscular dystrophy, where satellite cells struggle to keep up with the constant death of genetically deficient muscle fibres.

This incredible cream goes a long way of protecting the skin and triggering the process for cell renewal on the many layers of the skin.



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