Guinot’s Newhite Brightening Day Cream

Guinot-Newhite-Creme-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Guinot’s Newhite Brightening Day Cream

When someone has dark spots on their skin, it’s most commonly due to two reasons. One is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation —that’s darkening caused by some sort of irritation or injury, such as acne or picking at your skin. It’s a result of the cells releasing pigment and staining the skin. The second most common cause of dark spots on the skin is the sun —radiation causes darkening, leaving sun spots and freckles. Dark spots can also be caused by air pollution and even hormones because they can increase the product of melanin, leading to pigment in the skin. Depending on the type of skin you have, you may have a tendency to react more dramatically and release more pigment than others.

According to the Derm Review, skin brightening products have been gaining steam recently because of their ability to make skin on face and hands lighter, thus helping remove the appearance of some skin problems. If you’ve ever wondered about how to brighten skin, it’s important to understand that there are more uses for skin brightening creams than just making your complexion lighter. In the United States, where many people tend to desire a more olive complexion, skin brightening creams can serve to reduce the appearance of age spots. Some people may also use a skin brightener to give skin a more youthful, dewy appearance.

How Do Skin Brightening Creams Work?

Your skin tone is largely determined by the amount of melanin, or the pigment, in your skin. Everyone has some level of melanin in the skin. When you go out in the sun your skin produces more melanin to protect itself from the sun’s radiation. People with darker skin tones have more melanin. Also, as you age, concentrated spots of melanin can create age spots, often referred to as liver spots.

If you’ve ever wondered about how to get rid of age spots, a skin brightening cream can be a potential solution, because it works by inhibiting the production of melanin in skin cells. As you use skin brighteners, the amount of melanin in your skin will become reduced and your skin will look lighter, in the same way that a tan eventually fades.

Guinot’s Newhite Brightening Day Cream with SPF 30 lightens and gives you an even complexion. Reduces dark spots for an even skin tone. It also protects against skin damaging UV rays, which slows the release of melanin.

Key Benefits:

– Visibly corrects skin pigmentation, brightens and evens out skin tone.

– Inhibits the production of excess melanin in your cells.

How to Apply:

Use in the morning only, and apply to cleansed face and neckline, avoiding the eye area (can be used on hands too). For best results use Brightening Night Cream in the evening

Active Ingredients:

– Melanoxyl: inhibit the production of excess melanin in your cells to reduce the size and color of dark spots.

– Vitamin C: illuminates your skin while defending against damage-causing free radical.



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