Men’s skincare products from Guinot

Today I will talk about products for men. This is one more group of products undiscovered by customers. My husband has used Guinot aftershave for years and this is his number one aftershave. Actually I’m not surprised as I know how good the quality of Guinot products is.

1295C_GB_FetePere_POV Men’s skincare products from Guinot

Here are all the products for men by Guinot:

I think that lack of information is the only reason why people do not use Guinot Tres Homme products… as their quality is outstanding!

As we know men usually neglect care for their skin. Men’s skin naturally produces more sebum than women’s skin. Since their skin is more comfortable, men tend to treat it only to avoid the discomfort of shaving.

1295C_GB_FetePere_POV Men’s skincare products from Guinot









What makes men’s skin different?

Mens skin is 16% thicker, has smaller sebaceous glands and that ends with low absorption of oily substances. Women have thinner, more sensitive skin with larger sebaceous glands with good absorption of oils. Men’s smaller sebaceous glands limit the absorption of lipids. The formulas are created for men’s skin, which has a lower concentration of oils.

This is why men’s skincare products are different from women’s and this is the reason why Guinot created a specific product line for men including anti-aging products.

In my next post I will go in detail about each of Guinot’s Tres Homme product…

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