Removing facial hair gently and effectively

Guinot-Depil-Logic-Serum-Anti-Hair-Regrowth-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Removing facial hair gently and effectively

According to LiveStrong, approximately 20 million American women need to remove facial hair at least once a week, according to a 1999 study done by Bristol Myers and featured in CNN. Hormonal fluctuations that occur can cause a condition known as hirsutism. This makes hair appear in places that normally occur on men, including the chest, back and face. While seeking treatment to stop the hair growth, you can remove the hair through plucking or waxing.

Hair growth for women on the face is entirely common. Problem areas include the upper lip, the jawline and around the hairline. This is typical in dark haired women, and can be very embarrassing. You can let it grow if it doesn’t bother you, however, if it does bother you, you can remove it. What is most important is what makes you feel better, happier or more confident.

A few recommended ways of removing unwanted hair around the face is waxing, threading or laser removal. These types of hair removal remove the hair from the follicle, and leave a clean finish. Shaving, on the other hand, just cuts the hair from the root and can leave what is known as five o’clock shadow. Shaving can also lead to quick regrowth, in growing hairs and bumpy skin – so definitely not the done thing for facial hair on women.

What is a done thing is using Guinot Depil Logic Serum Anti Hair Regrowth 16x5ml after safe, gentle and effective hair removal like waxing, threading and laser removal.

This is a face and body serum to slow hair regrowth. This serum with its gel cream texture helps slow hair regrowth, soothes skin and your skin is hair-free for longer.

Apply to areas of concern (face and body) for two days following hair removal.

Key Active Ingredients:

– Bulbaïne®: helps break down keratin, a hair component, and locally inhibit the enzyme involved in hair growth.

– Alpha-bisabolol: extract from Candeia essential oil helps soothe skin that burns and feels irritated after hair removal.


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