Tinted day cream – your summer foundation

tinted-skin-cream-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Tinted day cream – your summer foundation

Want to know the benefits of tinted day cream versus your regular foundation? In the UK, we’re used to fairly poor weather and cold climes. Foundations are key in this type of climate. Most foundations are thick, pretty durable and have strong pigmentation for good coverage.

However, when the summer months begin – so anytime between May to September – the tinted day cream should show an appearance. Heat makes foundation look cakey and too dark for the skin. It can also block the skin and doesn’t work well with sweat. A day cream with some tint in it gives you a nice colour coverage, but is also light enough for the skin to breathe in warm weather. On top of this, it’s essentially a day cream so great at nourishing the skin.

We bring our tinted day creams on holiday too – although we go makeup free during the day, we like to apply a bit of tinted moisturiser in the evening before we go out for dinner.

Some of our favourites contain SPFs which will help protect your skin on holiday.

Our pick of the tinted day creams that you should look at investing in this summer are as follows:

Guinot Uni Bronze – Unifying Sunscreen SPF15

Guinot Uni Bronze Unifying Sunscreen is a tinted sunscreen which helps to prevent the appearance of pigmentation and helps with even tanning. Also gives you protection from harmful UV rays.

La Biosthetique Hydro-Actif Traitement Teint Clair

The innovative emulsion supplies the skin with cell-active moisture, offers highly effective cell protection and conceals minor flaws with a delicate tint and maximum transparency. The complexion is given naturally beautiful, healthy and cared for radiance, the skin renewal is optimised and unevenness is concealed.

Babor Skinovage PX Advanced Biogen Anti-Aging BB Cream SPF20

A tinted anti-aging cream with SPF20 for daily use. Alpine stem cells, OsmoTec and other selected active ingredients provide protection against premature skin aging and free radicals. Provides intensive moisture while promoting smooth skin and a radiant complexion. Your complexion looks fresh and your skin tone is visibly even.




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