What is aftershave balm and do I need it?

Guinot-Tres-Homme-Baume-Apres-Rasage-After-Shave-Balm-abloomnova.net_-1600x1123 What is aftershave balm and do I need it?

You’ve got the razer, the foam and the aftershave – what’s the next step? Aftershave balm is what your skin wants and needs after the ravages of the razorblade.

According to Cornerstone, our skin naturally produces oils and moisture, and any imbalance in the level of natural oils spells trouble. When there’s not enough natural moisture, skin becomes tight, dry and painful. Too much, and skin can appear oily and blocked pores become an unwelcome feature. The trick is zoloftanxiety.com to keep everything in the correct proportion by using a moisturiser or post shave balm.

Shaving can upset the skin’s balance – the combination of exfoliating and running a sharp razor blade over your face strips away the top layer of natural oils and moisture. If you neglect to do anything to restore that balance, there are two possible outcomes – firstly your skin might become too dry (think irritated, tight, not pleasant) or secondly, your skin might react to this lack of natural moisture dryness by over-producing oil – the result, potentially a shiny, oily face. Neither is great.

So, what to do? Here’s Cornerstone’s advice:

After shaving and washing away your gel or foam, thoroughly splash your face with cool water – this will close your skin’s pores, helping reduce any further moisture loss through natural evaporation and sweating. Then, apply a generous blob of our Post-Shave balm to your beard area – this will help restore the natural balance of oils and moisture to your skin. The result? No dry skin and no over-production of oils to compensate.

Our balm also contains honey, known for its antiseptic properties – so if you have accidentally slipped and caused any small shaving cuts, then this will help. It’s also designed to cool and refresh your skin, which after five minutes of peering in a mirror through the mist of your morning shower, can be quite a nice change.

So, for a smooth, comfortable shave every day and an end to skin irritation, you know what to do. If you come across anyone questioning the effectiveness or manliness of moisturising, please point them in our direction for a stern talking to.

Guinot Tres Homme Baume Apres-Rasage – After-Shave Balm is a soothing moisturising balm, which calms skin after shaving. Your skin feels fresh and soft. Helps to sooth irritation caused by shaving.

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