Are you washing your face the right way?

La-Biosthetique-Hydro-Actif-Mousse-Nettoyante-abloomnova.net_ Are you washing your face the right way?

Washing your face. You’ve been doing it your whole life, and often shop about for cleansing products to improve the effects, so you must be doing it right, right? Well, not exactly. Something you do without thinking twice a day can sometimes fall under the category of “bad habits”. See if you’re a regular practicer of these cleansing must-dos.

Break the 20 second rule. Apparently people only cleanse for 20 seconds, doesn’t seem like much but time yourself, 20 seconds while cleansing can actually feel like longer. If you’ve invested in a cleanser promising the world but you slap it on then rinse it off you’re not going to get the benefits from those wonderful ingredients. Take at least 1 minute to massage your cleanser in to your face, I like to do sections – neck, cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, eyes (make sure the product is suitable for the eye area) don’t see cleansing as a task, enjoy this mini pamper. Massaging your skin is going to stimulate the removal of toxins, get the blood flowing and oxygen circulating, all awesome things for your skin.

Once is not enough. That cleanse that needs to last for at least 1 minute, you need to do that twice. One cleanse isn’t enough to thoroughly remove pollution, make-up and SPF from the skin, double cleansing really will give you a much better complexion.

Cleansing in the morning is wiping away all the good things that happened to my skin in the night. No, cleansing in the morning is wiping away the sweat and dead skin that’s accumulated while you slumber. If you’ve thoroughly cleansed as above the night before, one cleanse should be enough in the morning.

Water is not cleansing! I hear it regularly, I cleanse with water. Imagine if you took a white tshirt covered in dust, cream and makeup then splashed it with a bit of water, would it be clean? No it would not and neither is your face.

Cleanser makes my skin worse. That’s because you’re probably using the wrong cleanser. Choose a PH balanced cleanser for your skintype – we LOVE La Biosthetique Hydro-Actif Mousse Nettoyante, a gentle cell-active cleansing mousse pampers the face and removes make-up without irritating the skin… And ditch the cleansing wipes, they don’t do the job well enough.

I use soap but it contains moisturisers. It’s also very drying and has a high PH. If you have dry skin this is just going to make your skin worse, if you have oily skin, to overcompensate for the soap stripping off your natural oil, your skin is going to create more oil, leaving you oilier with flaky skin; yes even oil skin can become dehydrated. And the high PH? A great breeding ground for bacteria.

Face flannels are smelly and mouldy. When they’re left in the corner of the bath for weeks yes they are. Fresh, clean flannels are heavenly and will help to give you a much deeper clean, they’re also a tired person’s best friend. Once you’re done, leave it to air dry and pop it in the wash the following day, always use a clean flannel.

Thanks to Huffington Post for helping out with the tips!




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