How to look after the skin on your hands

La-Biosthetique-Forme-Actif-Traitement-Mains-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 How to look after the skin on your hands

It’s important to look after your hands – with so much use, the skin on the hands gets subjected to a lot of wear and tear. So what’s the best way of conditioning them?

La Biosthetique Forme-Actif Traitement Mains is a cell-active repair care Traitement Mains regenerates stressed hands, reduces pigment disorders and supplies balancing moisture.

Hands reveal your true age. Face and body always deserve a great deal of attention and intensive care. But hands are often neglected.

However, they are in particular need of intensive and individual care because they are highly stressed on a daily basis. The effective and extremely active hand cream Traitement Mains pays complete attention to irritated, sensitive, red and dry hands and imparts a soothing dose of wellbeing. Specific active ingredients such as blackcurrant seed oil, balloon vine extract and sunflower oil concentrate strengthen, calm and stabilise the stressed skin of demanding hands. The combination of all active ingredients contained in Traitement Mains fades pigment spots.

Firming and shaping of the tissue and the body contours. The cell-active, remodelling active ingredients of Dermosthétique Forme-Actif target problem areas.

Apply Traitement Mains to the hands several times a day. Also ideal as an intensive, regenerative overnight care.

Repair and protection complex of blackcurrant seed oil, balloon vine extract and sunflower oil concentrate: Blackcurrant seed oil strengthens the skin barrier and protects stressed tissue. Balloon vine extract is calming and prevents inflammatory skin reactions. Sunflower oil concentrate stabilises the skin barrier, even that of dry skin.

Cell-active active ingredient from watercress, zinc, Vitamin B3 and Essential Cell Boost Factor to combat pigment disorders: influences the even pigmentation of the skin and prevents the formation of pigment disorders, supplies essential nutrients, firms the cell cluster of the tissue, regenerates the body cells and makes the skin more resistant.

Cell-active energy and moisturising active ingredient of ATP, algin and papaya extract: stimulates the skin’s cellular metabolism and regulates the water balance, supplies the cells with energy and vitality, stores water, protects against water loss and stimulates the skin’s renewal cycle.

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