How to use hairspray

La-Biosthetique-Fanelac-S-Hair-Lacquer-for-Intense-Hold-abloomnova.net_-1519x1600 How to use hairspray

Hairsprays come in different types and strengths, just like shampoos, to suit each type of hair. According to Fustany, each hairspray has a description of it, be sure to read those few sentences and pick accordingly. If you are looking for volume, do not go for the curling hairspray. Use the hairspray correctly by picking the type that is suitable for your hair.

Use your hairspray correctly by heading the nozzle far away from your hair, this will also prevent any hair strands from sticking together. Run your fingers through your hair and spray all around, so that the liquid can reach all over. Also be sure to hold the spray at least 30 centimetres away from your hair.

One of the most common uses of hairspray is to add and maintain volume. If you have an event and are opting for volumised hairdo, be sure to use the hairspray that adds volume. That way, you hair will have that va-va-voom effect throughout the entire event, and it doesn’t go all sleek and boring.

Another way to use hairspray correctly is by spraying it on a blow-dried hairdo the next day. Add that hint of sparkle and revive that old hairdo for another event. It will look just as new.

If you have oily hair, do not use the hairspray that will add shine to your hair, you do not want any more gloss.

La Biosthetique Fanelac S – Hair Lacquer for Intense Hold is a CFC-free strong hairspray Fanelac S with extremely fast drying time perfectly fixes your style and is still easy to completely brush out as needed.

With its extremely fast drying formulation, it gives your style a stronghold, maintaining its shape and volume. Moisturising panthenol conditions the hair, protecting it from dehydration and keeps it smooth. Ethoxylated fatty alcohol reduces the surface tension, ensures a fine dispersion of the spray and gives the hair brilliant shine. The hairspray is incredibly easy to completely brush out and re-work. Fanelac S exceeds all expectations. To ensure even dispersion, spray on Fanelac S from about 30cm from the head.

Main ingredients:

  • Panthenol: penetrates the hair where it binds natural moisture, prevents it from dehydration and makes the hair soft.

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