If you have coloured hair, read this…

La-Biosthetique-Conditionneur-Protection-Couleur-Conditioner-with-Colour-Protection-Complex-abloomnova.net_-1600x1357 If you have coloured hair, read this…

How nice is it to have clean, freshly washed hair? It smells good, it feels good and with the right products, it is much better shape – like it’s had a spa treatment.

However, we have bad news for anyone with coloured or bleached hair. While it may clean, detangle and soften your locks, the truth of the matter is that when it comes to washing hair – you can lose a lot of colour.

You will have noticed the difference. Blondes pick up brassy tones, brunettes lose their shine but redheads are the most at risk – red tones are the first to go when you run your hair under the shower head.

That’s why you need to keep up a regular colouring treatment when you decide to change your look. Once you dye your hair, colour fades. And while your roots grow, it’s almost always regular washing that makes the colour lose its pigmentation.

Which is why all stylists recommend a colour protector like La Biosthetique Conditionneur Protection Couleur – Conditioner with Colour Protection Complex. This is a conditioning treatment for longer lasting colour intensity with UV protection. Moisturises, restructures and repairs the hair shaft, resulting in an improvement of the hair’s elasticity and silkiness. Powerful active ingredients restore energy and moisture to the hair, and the hair becomes more resistant to UV radiation.

Use it like any other conditioner – Evenly distribute nourishing cream throughout washed, towel-dried hair and massage in. Activation time: 1–2 minutes then rinse.


  • Sunflower extract penetrates deep into the hair and deactivates free radicals which are produced by UV radiation.
  • Polymer attaches itself to the hair like a protective shield, has a deep-conditioning effect and protects the hair from environmental damage.
  • Panthenol and jojoba oil improve the hair structure, increases the hair’s silkiness and elasticity.


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