Oily scalps – and how to beat them

La-Biosthetique-Lotion-Epicelan-Preventif-Lotion-Against-Oily-Dandruff-abloomnova.net_-1390x1600 Oily scalps - and how to beat them
Oily scalps can mean lank hair, lacklustre strands and often, skin complaints. So what’s the best way to reduce the amount of oily your scalp produces? Live Strong have some handy hints – and we have a killer product which has helped out countless customers.

Shampoo Strategically

If your oily scalp requires a daily shampoo, the rest of your hair may end up damaged. Mary P. Lupo, M.D., a New Orleans-based dermatologist, recommends in « Allure » magazine that you minimize potential hair damage by making sure your hair is completely saturated with water before shampooing. Opt for a shampoo designed to prevent damage. Lupo suggests choosing one with words like « strengthening » or « renewing » on the label and concentrating your shampooing efforts on the two inches of hair closest to your scalp.

Hydrate Your Roots

An oily scalp doesn’t always translate to oily hair; oily roots and dry ends are a common hair issue, according to « Marie Claire » magazine. To balance the differing needs of your hair, « Marie Claire » suggests using conditioner only on the ends of your hair when you shampoo and using an overnight deep conditioner on your ends only once a week. Cheryl Marks, a hairstylist for Pantene, recommends in « Fitness » magazine using a lightweight spray-in conditioner on the lower half of your hair only and concentrating the treatment on your ends.

Be Hands Off

The more you touch your hair and scalp, the more likely your oil glands are to become stimulated and increase production, says Roy Teeluck, a stylist with the Julien Farel Salon in New York City, in « Cosmopolitan. » If you touch your hair less frequently, oil production may slow down on its own. If you’re prone to touching your hair, consider switching to a style that discourages it, such as pulling your hair back or not having bangs.

Soak Up the Oil

Too much oil can make your scalp stinky as well as oily, so use products that soak up unwanted oil, recommends Abadi in « Cosmopolitan. » Opt for a shampoo that contains oil-absorbing ingredients like sulfur, zinc or tar, or add a generous sprinkle of hair powder to your roots to soak up scalp oil.

La Biosthetique Lotion Epicelan Preventif – Lotion Against Oily Dandruff combats oily dandruff, improves the scalp’s natural defences and lastingly prevents the formation of new dandruff.

Oily hair looks uncared for, becomes rapidly straggly and the style will not hold. That’s already enough to deal with. But if the scalp in this situation doesn’t have the right care, unattractive dandruff rapidly develops. Now it’s time to stop this because otherwise this will could rapidly be followed by hair loss.

The anti-dandruff lotion not only declares war on annoying, oily dandruff, but also lastingly eradicates it. Lotion Epicélan Préventif is a real fighter because it has a powerful dual effect. The intensive combination of polysaccharides from yeast cell walls, as well as high-quality active ingredients such as panthenol, liquorice root extract and tea tree oil, calms hyperactive sebaceous glands and gently and rapidly restores the scalp’s natural balance. The anti-dandruff lotion strengthens the natural defences, normalises the microbial scalp environment and thus effectively prevents the formation of new oily dandruff.

In addition, Lotion Epicélan Préventif is cooling and instantly soothes unpleasant tightness and itching of the scalp. La Biosthétique’s specially created active ingredient complex Complexe Pellicules lastingly improves the scalp environment. The results are amazing. Reduces visible dandruff after the first few applications by up to 50%. Lotion Epicélan Préventif ensures a clear, fresh scalp, dandruff-free hair AND dandruff-free clothing.

Main ingredients:

  • Panthenol: moisturises and calms the scalp.
  • Liquorice root extract: anti-inflammatory.
  • Complexe Pellicules: improves the scalp environment and reduces dandruff.
  • Panthenol: regenerates and strengthens.
  • Polysaccharides from yeast cell walls: intensively combat dandruff-triggering microbes.

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