Suffer from an overly sweaty scalp?

La-Biosthetique-Lotion-Hydrotoxa-–-Intensive-Treatment-for-Scalp-Perspiration-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Suffer from an overly sweaty scalp?

If you suffer from a overly sweaty scalp and forehead, you’re in good company. Many men and women suffer from something called hyperhidrosis.

According to Native Remedies, our bodies have millions of sweat glands all over, including all over the head and face. They play a vital role in the natural process of thermo-regulation. When the body gets too hot, hormones stimulate these sweat glands to release sweat which evaporates and in turn cools down the body. However, in some cases, something goes wrong in this process and the result is excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis.

Excessive head or facial sweating can be a difficult problem to deal with, and unlike many other types of sweating, head sweating is very difficult to hide and may lead to feelings of embarrassment and social concern. It may appear also on the cheeks, chin, ears, face, forehead, head, neck, scalp, temples, upper lip, and even the hairline.

La Biosthetique Lotion Hydrotoxa Intensive Treatment for Scalp Perspiration is deodorising scalp lotion calms moist scalps, stops the negative effects of perspiration and improves hair quality.

Our scalp has thousands of sweat glands that naturally cool our brain when needed. Those affected know that within a short time the hair will become unattractively straggly and the style will flop. That’s bad enough, but what is not as well-known is that sweat gland secretions can be so aggressive that they attack the hair structure and robs the hair roots of their energy. The hair gradually becomes thinner, sparser and no care is really able to restores its shine. The secret formulation of La Biosthétique to combat this is found in Lotion Hydrotoxa. The active ingredient complex Complexe Hydrotoxa neutralises the aggressive components of the sweat gland secretions and thus reduces the negative effect of sweat on the cell energy of the hair-forming cells. Normalises the cellular metabolism and increases the cells’ energy level. Hair growth is healthy and beautiful again and hair quality and body are lastingly improved.

Refreshing herbal extracts of stinging nettle, rosemary, sage, lavender are conditioning, disinfecting and astringent. The deodorising lotion rapidly relieves the annoying direct symptoms of moist scalps such as itchiness and irritations. The hair no longer gets unattractively straggly as fast. With Lotion Hydrotoxa for moist scalps you can keep your cool in the next “hot” situation.

Apply approx. 5 ml Lotion Hydrotoxa along the parting of the scalp, massage in and leave in. As preventative care after washing or directly before sports, for highly moist scalps Lotion Hydrotoxa can also be applied before sleeping.

Key ingredients:

  • Lysin aspartate: energising.
  • Extracts of stinging nettle, yarrow, rosemary, sage, lavender, dandelion and yeast: care for and disinfect the scalp.



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