The many uses of hairspray

la-biosthetique-spray-artistique-abloomnova.net_ The many uses of hairspray

Do you know how to use hairspray. It’s not just for setting hairstyles. There’s tonnes more uses. Here’s a few of them, thanks to Allure

Lock in accessories. Spray the backs of bobby pins and hair clips with hair spray to create a nice grit. The texture will keep everything in place, and your hair accessories will lose their slip. Just make sure to wash them afterward to avoid unwanted buildup.

Extend your air-dried hairstyle. Spray your hair when it’s wet and do either a rope braid, fishtail braid, three-strand braid, or ballerina bun in your hair and let it dry. When you take it down, you’ll have playful texture that lasts.

Stop your curls from going flat. After you’re done curling your hair, spray hair spray underneath the style and not directly on top. When you spray on top, it weighs the hair down and flattens the style. Tip your head and spray into the layers—it preserves the style and adds instant volume.

Rough things up. Don’t want your updo to look too coiffed? Take a hard-bristle toothbrush, spray it with a little hair spray, and lightly run from the back of the head to the hairline. This will add some well-placed texture and flyaways.

Tame baby hairs. Spray a natural-bristle toothbrush and smooth it over baby hairs around the hairline.

Calm your brows in a pinch. Hair spray can double as eyebrow gel. Spray a little onto a finger or Q-tip, then run it over your brows. Never spray directly on your brows—you definitely don’t want those chemicals in your eyes!

La Biosthetique Spray Artistique is a hairspray that provides extra strong hold, protection and enables striking styles. This is a non-aerosol hairspray for creative styles. This hairspray fixes the hair and gives it extra strong hold and the ultimate protection. Spray Artistique surrounds every hair in a fine, transparent microfilm and gives it maximum hold, but can also be easily and completely brushed out. Whether an up-do or simply just cool details, the hairspray gives every style that certain je ne sais quoi. Styling fun with an extra fast drying time guaranteed.

Main ingredients:

  • Anionic polymers.
  • Lauryl pyrrolidone.
  • Super fast evaporating alcohol.

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