What is the best way of disguising blemishes?

Gatineau-Aquamemory-High-Hydration-Cream-Mask-abloomnova.net_-1600x1184 What is the best way of disguising blemishes?

Whether you get spots with your sensitive skin, monthly hormonal changes or just freak break outs every so often, everyone has always tried to cover up spots with makeup – with varying degrees of success.

So rather than let us fumble through the process, we let Charlene Flanagan, a professional make up artist at the Skin Nerd to talk through her method.

Step 1: You don’t need to mask the entire skin with a full-coverage foundation. Stick with your regular foundation and apply an even layer across the skin.

Step 2: Take a full coverage concealer/foundation and match as close to the colour of your foundation (don’t use a lighter shade as it will only attract more attention to the blemish), and using either a flat brush such or your finger, draw an X over the spot, then pat around the spot not touching the spot itself.

Tip: Using a more yellow-toned concealer will colour correct any redness

Step 3: Apply setting powder all over such as a translucent powder, using a flat brush in a patting motion.

Usually we get frustrated because at this point, as the blemish shows a little again, and it’s tempting to go back in with more concealer – this is how we end up with cakey spots, because we are layering so much creams and powder over each other. RESIST THE URGE AND READ ON!

Step 4: Using a small pointed brush, pick up just a little full-coverage powder on the tip. And very gently stipple and roll the tip of the brush around any dark mark that is still showing at this point, and you should be able to “air-brush” it away.

Because you are applying powder on powder, instead of more cream (concealer), it shouldn’t cake. Your makeup will also last quite a bit better.

Tip: Through the day, if you want to touch up a bit because your makeup has faded slightly, touch up using Step 4 instead of applying more and more concealer.

A handy piece of kit to have by your side when spots call is Matis Reponse Corrective Correcting Flash Gum – a magic eraser which instantly evens the skin texture. Perfect to apply every morning before makeup, but also as a day follow up, for an immediate powdery blurring effect. As its name suggests, Correcting Flash Gum has a gum texture which instantly reduces skin irregularities.

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