Why it’s important that men moisturise

Dr.-Spiller-Manage-Your-Skin-Daily-Moisturising-Fluid-abloomnova.net_-1600x1068 Why it's important that men moisturise

For men, skincare is less of a big deal than with women. But it shouldn’t be like this – all skin needs a bit of TLC, and a regular rinse with a bar of soap is not going do you any favours long term.

According to MensHealth, removing surface dirt and oil is the first step in allowing any moisturizer to penetrate your skin’s surface. Cleansing twice a day, morning and night, is a good idea. But don’t get carried away by using heavy-duty scrubs more than once or twice a week. These will only irritate the skin and stimulate oil production.

For daily use, a milder soap means your skin will need less moisturiser since it won’t be scrubbed of essential oils. Bar soaps strip the skin of oil, instead of gently removing dirt, like foaming cleansers. Try a mild face wash instead.

In general, men should keep their regimen as simple as possible. But not one size fits all. Knowing what kind of skin you have is the first step in determining that regimen and your moisturizing needs.

How can you tell your skin type? Sensitive skin reddens easily and stings or burns when you apply most products. For the other types, the condition of your T Zone (across your forehead and a straight line down your chin) will help you identify which category you fit in. At the end of the day, examine the area. A matte surface means dry skin, a greasy or shiny zone translates to oily, and if your face is just slightly slick, you have normal or combination skin.

• Dry—Use a moisturizing cleanser and follow up with a rich moisturizer. As long as acne is not an issue, oil-based lotions are a good choice, especially at night.
• Oily—Avoid any heavy or oil-based formulas. Instead, use an oil-free or mattifying moisturizer in the morning and just a lightweight serum at night.
• Normal/ Combination—The trick to treating this variable skin is creating balance. Aim for a medium-weight product that maintains moisture but doesn’t add oil to already shiny areas.
• Sensitive—Avoid irritating ingredients, such as alcohol, fragrances, dyes, and preservatives (parabens). Moisturize twice daily with mild products specifically designed for sensitive skin, like Dr. Spiller Manage Your Skin Daily Moisturising Fluid is a light and nourishing moisturising emulsion to hydrate and soothe the skin. Natural Marula Oil and Glycamon® Compound increase the skin’s defence system and improve elasticity. Indian Senna with similar properties as hyaluronic acid provides long-lasting hydration.

This is a revitalising and nourishing moisturiser to soothe dryness and tightness with Indian Senna and Marula Oil so perfect for dry or dehydrated skin.

Active ingredients:
Glycamon® Compound
Indian Senna
Marula Oil

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