How to reduce pigmented brown spots on the skin

Guinot-Beaute-Neuve-Clarimasque-abloomnova.net_-1059x1600 How to reduce pigmented brown spots on the skin

Many men and women can often develop brown spots or pigmentation on their skin. Although most of the time it’s nothing to be concerned about, the person might prefer a more even complexion. We look at how to get rid of pigmented brown spots on the skin.

In an article on LiveStrong, the brown pigment spots on your face are most likely solar lentigines. Also referred to as age spots, these skin lesions are a result of sun exposure. With age, the repeated exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause melanin, a compound responsible for pigmentation as well as protecting the skin, to cluster or clump together, forming an area of hyperpigmentation anywhere between 0.2 and 2 cm in size, explains the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology. Normally, these brown pigment spots aren’t a cause for alarm, but they can be treated to minimize their appearance on the skin.

Guinot Beaute Neuve Clarimasque treatment removes dead skin cells which usually cause a dull complexions while also reducing the appearance of brown spots.

A complex of fruit acids, to gently peel away dead skin cells. Vitamin C lightens the complexion of pigmented skin.

The Mask brings back the skin’s radiance while providing a lightening effect, in particular for brown spots.

  1. Skin preparation:

– Cleanse face with appropriate milky cleanser and finish with lotion. Clean eye zone.

  1. PEEL’IN-apply peel in on face and neck zone, do not apply on eye zone.

– Leave for 5-9 minutes- according to skin type-9 min for oily skin, 5 for normal /dry skin.

– Rinse skin with water and apply lotion, dry with tissue.

  1. With circular movements on face and neck apply PEEL’OUT, avoiding eye zone.

– Leave for approx. 3min., normally you need 3-5 pumps for one treatment.

– Rinse off, clean with lotion, dry with tissue.

  1. With circular movements apply and massage in dermanove serum, leave for +/- 3min.
  2. After 3min apply clarimasque.– Preperation- 1 double pack is for one treatment-mix it in bowl, add 30ml water and mix well.
  3. Apply eye mask on eye zone.
  4. Apply on face and neck, avoid eye zone and leave for 10min.

– Wash off mask, rinse with water, use lotion, dry with tissue, use appropriate skin care products.

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