The sheer importance of the right balance of calcium in the body

calcium-in-the-body-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 The sheer importance of the right balance of calcium in the body

Over the course of this blog, we have discovered some incredible things about minerals and health. Specifically calcium, which has been responsible for our survival since those little spermatoza whip cracked their tails as they reached the final hurdle of the egg.

Calcium improves skin, vigorous exercise leaches calcium out of the bones, babies take their mama’s calcium in utero, calcium can ward off osteoporosis, depression and rickets.

But the mineral can also be responsible for some incredible changes in our personalities. An excess of calcium can make us confused and disorientated. A deficiency can make us feel down and inward looking.

In fact, lab rats have been experimented on, with scientists removing their daily quota of calcium over a period of time.

According to blogger, Enjoy Great Health Today, rats showed some startling personality changes with this controlling of minerals – which underlined how much their survival capabilities relied on calcium.

“A 10-year test with rats proved that by withholding calcium they can be bred down to a third the size of those fed with an adequate amount of that mineral. Their intelligence, too, can be controlled by mineral feeding as readily as can their size, their bony structure, and their general health. (hmmm, perhaps we know some calcium deficient people!)

“Place a number of these little animals inside a maze after starving some of them in a certain mineral element. The starved ones will be unable to find their way out. Their dispositions can be altered by mineral feeding. They can be made quarrelsome and belligerent; they can even be turned into cannibals and be made to devour each other.

“A cage full of normal rats will live in amity. Restrict their calcium and they will become irritable and draw apart from one another. Then they will begin to fight. Restore their calcium balance and they will grow more friendly; and in time they will begin to sleep in a pile as before. Many children are “slow to learn” merely because they are deficient in magnesia. (Magnesium) We punish them for our failures to feed them properly.

Calcium is of such huge importance to our bodies and survival. It has so many roles and responsibilities – and our body is so sensitive to it. Take too little and our bodies will slowly stop functioning correctly, take too much and our bodies respond likewise. We have a strange relationship with calcium – but we are completely dependent on it at the same time – but only the right amount of it.




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