Picking the right moisturiser for oily skin

Gatineau-Aqua-Memory-Professionnel-Moisturising-Cream-Mask-abloomnova.net_-1600x1069 Picking the right moisturiser for oily skin

Many women with oily skin wonder if they can « skip » the moisturising step to their skincare regimen before applying their mineral makeup or any makeup.

The simple fact of the matter is skin always needs to be moisturised, especially oily skin, and we’ll explain why. »

The word « oil » found anywhere in an ingredient list can cause some to freak out.  But the good news is certain oils in skincare products are not the enemy to oily skin.  Although it sounds contradictory to apply a moisturizer to oily skin, especially one that may contain oils, the fact is, it actually will help reduce sebum production and give skin a better texture with the proper use of certain types of oils.

Most women who think it makes their oily skin worse or increases their acne, which is typically a side effect of oily skin, only need help understanding how and what a moisturizer actually is.  Oily skin also tends to be thicker than normal and has larger pores.  Faces with this skin type can literally look like an oil slick within an hour or so after washing.

Some women think cleansing is the only answer, and this is great for removing excess oil, debris and grime from the face, but over cleansing will strip the skin whereby creating the cycle of the face producing more oil to compensate.  Moisturising the face is not just for normal to dry skin types, but for all skin types.

Payot Creme Matifiante Velours – Moisturising Matifying Care is a moisturiser for combination skin and oily is a light and velvety fluid cream. It moisturises the skin while reducing sebum excess for a matte skin throughout the day. Its formula with mint extract Chile is enriched with pink fruit extract for a visibly reduced pores and a finer skin texture.Apply all over a perfectly cleansed face and neck. Morning and evening.

Active ingredients:
– Chilean Mint Extract Regulates seborrhea. Prevents from inflammations which lead to cutaneous imperfections. Limits and controls sebum excess. Prevents from imperfections.
– Zinc Extract Limits sebaceous secretion and normalises sebum level. Purifies the epidermis.
– Rose Fruit Extract Astringent action. Regulates the skin’s keratinization process. Reduces the unsightly appearance of dilated pores, tightens pores and refines skin texture.
– Matifying Powders Ability to absorb surface lipids. Ability to significantly reduce shine through an optical effect. Matifies the skin and limits shine.
– Rose Hip Oil Rich in essential fatty acids which enable it to regenerate skin tissues and boost cell growth.

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