The secrets to illuminated skin

Thalgo-Exception-Ultime-Ultimate-Time-Solution-Eyes-and-Lips-abloomnova.net_-1586x1600 The secrets to illuminated skin

Illuminated skin is ageless. You can be as old as the hills or a spring chicken, and when your skin illuminates it emanates an unmistakeable beauty. And to get a skin that glows isn’t the holy grail, a few simple tricks and some nifty products will see you through, as these tips from SheKnows demonstrates;

Always exfoliate

A good place to start is by exfoliating your face two or three times a week to expose the freshest, newest layer of skin cells. This maximizes hydration absorption, instantly attracting surrounding light and making it bounce off your now-smoother complexion.

Conceal like a celeb

Truthfully, evenness of skin tone is priority number one. Nothing makes someone look fresher and more uplifted than spot-free, blemish-free, even-toned skin. My favorite products are hybrids that combine both skin care and makeup benefits, especially since cutting down the number of layers helps to avoid makeup meltdowns. Not only can you immediately target areas of concern, like dark circles, dark spots, blemishes and skin dullness, but you are also contributing to the prevention of these skin flaws in the long run.

Go oil-free

Look for time-saving, oil-free, illuminating or brightening treatment concealers that grant hydration and that are non-irritating, while offering weightless, buildable coverage for both face and eyes. Always avoid wax- or cream-based textures, and look for more refined self-setting concealers. This means that a beautiful satin finish can be obtained without having to resort to face powder, which ultimately ends up looking cakey and emphasizing fine lines.

Don’t forget the serum

A serum is a must-have if you want to maintain a natural glow. Payot Elixir Ideal – Skin-Perfecting Illuminating Serum contains Élixir complex and lychee extract that delays, protects and repairs the signs of skin ageing.

This becomes your partner in the pursuit of perfect skin, it visibly improves skin quality, evens out your complexion, smooths wrinkles, closes pores and combats signs of fatigue, leaving your skin glowing.

Active ingredients:

– Elixir complex: Two hyaluronic acids, biosaccharides, trace elements. An antioxidant complex that protects and moisturises, providing the skin with the components it needs to ward off the natural and environmental causes of skin ageing.

– Lychee extract: Improves the skin’s surface, for a glowing, even complexion.

– Vitamin C: Reduces the appearance of blemishes and makes the skin glow.

– Hyaluronic acid: Fills in wrinkles.

– Soft Focus powders: Reflect light, smooth the skin and leave a soft finish.

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