What winter does for our skin

Payot-Elixir-d’Eau-Hydrating-Thirst-Quenching-Essence-abloomnova.net_-1600x1275 What winter does for our skin

Winter’s here, and for many of us, several long months of darkness and very cold weather is fast approaching. While we’ve actually come to love the winter nights, log fires and warming drinks, it plays havoc with our skin, which is why, right now, we’re reviewing our skincare.

Skin suffers in winter dry air, and harsh wind can result in cracking. It also remains vulnerable to ultra-violet rays, so a moisturiser with an SP15 should be worn. According to the Daily Mail, we should be spending less time in hot showers and baths – they have a drying effect on our skin.

As soon as you get out, skin moisture quickly escapes into dry air. Avoid soaps with antibacterial or medicated ingredients which strip oil from the skin. Use a wet loofah sponge to exfoliate as needed, but scrub lightly as this wipes away the oil that protects skin against irritation.

Select heavy moisturisers with petroleum jelly or silicone derivatives to trap moisture and apply after washing when the skin is still damp. When moisturising the skin, place Vaseline on a cotton bud and apply it to the rim of your nostrils to reduce the dry air coming through that causes a red, sore nose. Humidify indoor air – place a bowl of water by a radiator.

One moisturiser that will help us through until March, is Payot Elixir d’Eau – Hydrating Thirst-Quenching Essence.

With the magic of a fabulous formula, this offers exceptional, unique skin-quenching action. This has a Hydro-Regulating Action that energises the skin’s irrigation system:

– Reinforces the cutaneous irrigation system.

– Restores the protector film of the skin.

– Protects the skin from external agressions.

– Boost the skin’s natural system of irrigation.

The cream is ideal for all skin types, normal to dehydrated skin. Just apply daily, morning and night, over your entire face, décolletage and neck, on thoroughly cleansed skin. Can be applied alone or under your usual face cream.

Active ingredients:

– Élixir Complex: Prevents, protects and repaires.

– Oat Extract: Preserves from dehydration leaving the skin breathing.

– Amino Acid Extract, Hydrating Sugars: Hydroregulatory action: prevents from water loss and protects from dehydration.

– Hyaluronic Acid: Powerful source of hydration for the skin.

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