BRING IT ON! Better Complexion with these Lightening Tips!

Most of us may mix up  the idea of skin lightening with that of skin whitening. Skin lightening should be brought to justice from the mono interpretation mistaken by a lot of people, as it has other names like bleaching cream and whiteners, yet their overall effects to us is so much more than getting ‘light’, and we’re here to tell you more about these underrated beauties!

On top of lightening up your shades, skin lightening products create greater value to you  by evening the overall skin tone, so to say whether it’s dark spots, age spots, acne scars, pigmentation or any discolouration that brings unease to your skin, skin lightening products are created to fulfil their calling to diminish every bit of your skin tone into one, so no matter if you have a white, yellow, brown or black skin tone, it’s highly recommended to use these skin care products to brighten up your skin and make it look as healthy as you choose to be!


And there was a video that I found recently that beautifully explained the rituals to lighten up our skin and bring on a better complexion, to put into words here, you might find the tips have so much resemblance to our normal daily skin care routine!  So here are 3 golden rules for skin lightening that are prevention, maintenance and improvement:



It’s about our life-long relationship with the sun, so preventing potential damages caused from the outside is important, don’t let your skin have a chance to be overplayed with the radiance!  Have you checked whether your day cream has SPF packed with UVA and UVB filters in it?



Maintenance is key. It is related to our daily cleansing routine; we really need to remember the essence of exfoliation, to exfoliate every two or three times a week, it will give a boost to the circulation of your skin cell and get rid of the dead ones, so your skin get to continuously breath on a ‘fresh & clean surface’ if you know what I mean 🙂



That’s where the skin lightening products are introduced, this is the skin improvement. These products have a critical role in fighting against melanin, the dark element that causes uneven skin tone, you will need an effective product that penetrates perfectly into your skin cell, as well as avoiding steroid, which may speed up the skin cell maturation and bring other side effects such as acne breakouts!  Beware of these two factors they will bring you a more satisfactory skin care journey, and always seek for advice from doctor or Abloomnova for better settlement with skin pigmentation and discoloration!


The golden rules are putting greater emphasis on your skin care routine that you pay extra attention while introducing skin lightening products.  On top of these tips that you get lighter from the outside, we have to do the I KNOW IT, YOU KNOW IT, AND WE ALL KNOW repeats on the fact that our lifestyle determines the nature of our skin!   So go to local market and grab some fresh greenies and fruits, you can do some research on food with vitamin C and search for them this weekend!


Let us know if you have more tips on skin lightening, so that me and Abloomnova can work on a better platform to share beauties to you lovelies!


Love xx


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