Do you know the wonders of magnolia bark oil?

Dr.-Spiller-Sensicura-Cleansing-Emulsion-abloomnova.net_-1600x1342 Do you know the wonders of magnolia bark oil?

If you’ve not heard of magnolia bark extract, then you should get your research underway. This is a super ingredient for pretty much everything.

These are just some of the things where it can help – thanks to LiftMode for the knowledge!

1.    Sleep

Many people use Magnolia bark extract for promoting healthy sleep. Some people who suffer from difficulties falling asleep like to use magnolia bark as an herbal dietary supplement to help them fall asleep easier. Some people with insomnia search for Magnolia bark, but at this time it is not used to prevent or cure any illness.

There are a number of studies showing that the two main components of magnolia bark, magnolol, and honokiol, are great for helping with sleep. Both of them have the potential to help you fall asleep faster and enjoy a longer, deeper night’s sleep.

2.    Stress

One of the top benefits of magnolia bark extract is its potential to help with feelings of stress. Scientists have shown that magnolia bark works in a similar way as many anxiolytic substances – by binding to GABA receptors.

Animal studies have used magnolia bark extract for stress and found that not only was it impressively effective, but it also didn’t produce any withdrawal effects. Most of the studies so far have been on animals.

However, one study on humans looked at magnolia bark extract for stress. Scientists combined magnolia bark with another herb, Phellodendron. The results showed that this herbal combination was effective at reducing feelings of stress.

3.    Bad Breath

Scientists have a technical name for bad breath. They use the term ‘halitosis’, which is caused by “oral volatile sulfur-containing compounds (VSC)”. In two studies, scientists successfully showed that you can use magnolia bark extract for bad breath.

The scientists combined magnolia bark extract with zinc and made their own chewing gum. They compared the results of using magnolia bark extract gum with a common ‘control’ chewing gum. Incredibly, the results showed that the magnolia bark extract chewing gum was better at reducing bad breath than the control chewing gum. They also found that you can use magnolia bark extract to successfully kill the bacteria that cause bad breath

4.   Helps promote healthy skin

One of the top benefits that people are using magnolia bark extract for is its potential to help with promoting healthy skin. Bad skin and pimples can be caused by a number of factors. These include genetic, hormonal, and environmental factors, as well as bad diets, bacteria, or anxiety.

Researchers have published a few articles looking at the effects of magnolia bark extract on acne. One study suggested that people could use magnolia bark extract for bad skin because of its ability to help with stress. Another study explained that magnolia bark extract is really good at killing bacteria, including the common skin bacteria that causes acne. So magnolia bark extract definitely has the potential to help with skin.

5.    Other health benefits

Some people also say that you can use magnolia bark extract for other health benefits. Growing research is showing that magnolia bark may have potential as a dietary supplement to maintain a healthy heart and mind.

At least one study has shown that magnolia bark may be effective at maintaining a healthy circulatory system. And even more, studies have come out showing that magnolia bark may have the potential to maintain a healthy mind.

Dr. Spiller Sensicura Cleansing Emulsion gently removes impurities deep in the pores, makeup while also leaving the skin pleasantly smooth. The oil in water base makes it really suitable for sensitive and hyper-reactive skin types.

Its long list of ingredients make this product a great cleanser packed with natural goodness. This is a gentle cleanser with Magnolia Bark Oil, Vitamin F, Panthenol, Allantoin and Squalene to protect the skin’s lipid barrier, reduce Transepidermal Water Loss and reduce irritation.

How to use:
Apply to face and neck for cleansing morning and evening. Gently emulsify with fingertips and remove with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Active ingredients:

  • Magnolia Bark Oil
  • Vitamin F Complex
  • Panthenol
  • Allantoin
  • Squalen

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