How to look after skin in the sun

La-Biosthetique-Hydro-Actif-Traitement-Teint-Soleil-abloomnova.net_-1600x1450 How to look after skin in the sun

Do you know exactly how to look after your skin after a time in the sun? Often, we think drinking plenty of fluids and slapping suncream is enough to protect our skin, but when you’re exposing yourselves to rays intensely throughout the day, it pays to use a more effective method of skincare, as these tips from advise:


After a long day spent outdoors, your skin could likely use a good cleanse. Often, sunscreens mixed with the unavoidable summer sweat can leave your skin feeling less than pristine. But fear not! Cleansing helps remove any unwanted dirt, oil, and impurities on your skin’s surface. The result? Skin that looks (and feels) clean and comfortable! So go ahead and lather up with your favourite facial cleanser. Be sure to extend the cleansing love to your body skin while showering as well.


What do sun, chlorine and other aggressors all have in common? Exposure can be incredibly drying for the skin. After cleansing and/or showering, add moisture back into your skin with a hydrating facial cream or body lotion. Do so while your skin is still slightly damp as this can help seal in all that much-needed moisture.


Dealing with sunburn? Help soothe it with aloe vera. The gel not only helps hydrate the skin—it’s made up of 99% water!—but offers a cooling shield and sensation for temporary relief. It’s also incredibly refreshing, making it a must-have to give your skin a little TLC after some prolonged time in the sun!

One of our favourite sun products is La Biosthetique Hydro-Actif Traitement Teint Soleil is an all in one which features a new kind of combination of highly effective moisture care, intelligent cell protection and corrective pigments.

The result is visibly flawless skin – without any care effort… what previously seemed completely impossible becomes reality with this cream. As a true multi-talent, the tinted hydro care combines some outstanding functions: The innovative emulsion supplies the skin with cell-active moisture, offers highly effective cell protection and conceals minor flaws with a delicate tint and maximum transparency. The complexion is given naturally beautiful, healthy and cared for radiance, the skin renewal is optimised and unevenness is concealed. The light cream subtly develops its effect on the skin because it perfectly matches your natural skin tone.

  • Cell-active hydroboost active ingredient made of a complex of malic acid, pectin and a Cell Boost Factor ideally supplies the skin with moisture and acts like a moisture reservoir.
  • Marine plankton polysaccharides refine the pores, calm the overall complexion and magically give you a fresh appearance.
  • Cell and DNA protection from a combination of rice extract (ethyl ferulate), sugar beet extract (disodium uridine phosphate) and rosemary extract support the cell regeneration and prevent skin aging.
  • Balancing pigments balance out unevenness and give you an even complexion.
  • Pure colour pigments form a balance with nude, transparent coverage and perfectly match your natural skin tone.

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