Do slimming creams work?

Thalgo-Defi-Fermete-High-Performance-Firming-Cream-Creme-Performance-Fermete-abloomnova.net_-1500x1600 Do slimming creams work?

It’s hard to lose weight. It requires determination, willpower, focus and the ability to not give into temptation. All the enjoyable things in life – good food, drinks with friends, snacks and a movie – all those things need to be reined in. And you need to increase your activity – so ditch the car, walk to the shops, do fitness videos, start playing a sport – it’s a life changing decision.

Of course, it’s difficult in the beginnings, but when you start seeing the results, it can be very encouraging. Once you’re at the target weight, you can enjoy treat nights, with the agreement that you still have to balance it out during the rest of the week.

So it’s not easy. But one of the things that can help is using a good firming cream. This sadly won’t allow you to magically drop 20lbs overnight, but what it can do is firm the skin up and make it look toned and younger looking.

These types of products are brilliant for when you’re losing weight as, especially when you get older, you lose the elasticity and tightness of your skin. Any weight loss can make skin look redundant and aged.

Which is why we love Thalgo Defi Fermete High Performance Firming Cream – Creme Performance Fermete which is for women whose skin has lost firmness and needs toning.

This cream helps to firm the deeper layers of the skin. The Sculpt Active technology, highly enriched with some of the most innovative retexturising and firming ingredients, helps combat the appearance of skin slackening. The figure looks redefined, visibly re-sculpted and reshaped. It contains the special ingredients Active ingredients Sculptolift and Sculpt Active Technology

Expert advice:
Professional tips for use morning and/or night:
1- Warm the cream between your hands, then apply to entire body.
2- Work in using friction movements.
3- Make energetic pinching movements

This leaves the skin looking smoother, firmer and more toned. The figure is more harmonious.

Proven effectiveness:
Smoother skin: 95%
Firmer and more toned skin: 90%
Firmer buttocks and thighs: 86%
More harmonious figure: 86%

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