How to look after over-heated legs

Thalgo-Gel-for-Feather-Light-Legs-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 How to look after over-heated legs

For anyone with a job that requires long periods of standing up, the feeling of overheating and uncomfortableness in the legs may well be a familiar one. Anyone from a police officer to a hairdresser, a nurse to a member of cabin crew will know that one fo the downsides of their job is the leg pain associated with long periods of standing still or walking long distances.

This pain can manifest itself in restless leg syndrome, sciatica or just joint or muscular pain. While a bath or light physio may help soothe the problem, Thalgo Gel for Feather-Light Legs is an excellent treatment for massaging on to the legs after a day at work.

This product is for anyone experiencing feelings of discomfort and over-heating in their legs and feet. With its incredible formulation of quality ingredients which include menthol and sweet clover, this is a must have for anyone that has a job that is hardgoing on the feet and legs.

This ultra-refreshing, decongesting and toning gel immediately eases and durably relaxes the legs. It is used to reduce the harmful effects of prolonged standing and over-heated environments.

For the best results, use this product before and after a day or evening’s work. Apply in upward motions from the soles of the feet to the hips. Use in the morning to help prevent feelings of discomfort and heaviness, and at night to detoxify, refresh and relieve the legs. Can be applied over tights.

Thalgo Gel for Feather-Light Legs has a list of active ingredients which include:

  • Palmaria palmata Algae
  • Sweet Clover Plant Extract
  • Red Vine Plant Extract
  • Menthol NMF

The results are an anti-water, relaxing product which helps to decongest and tone. It has a cooling effect that eases away feelings of discomfort to leave legs refreshed and ready to get back to work.



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