What is a hammam?

Thalgo-Plasmalg-Gel-–-Gel-Plasmalg-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 What is a hammam?

Hammams have been practiced for years in parts of Europe, north Africa and the Middle East. And although hammam sounds exotic, it is just a simple variation on the traditional steam bath experience with a massage element. However, according to SpaFinder it is vigorous.

After having some time to acclimatise to the heat in a warm area, you’ll be moved into a hot room to work up a sweat. This opens up the pores and helps draw impurities out of the skin.

You’ll then be doused in water to cleanse the body before you’re coated in a black soap called Savon Noir. This is made of olives, usually with the addition of eucalyptus for its antiseptic properties, and is applied liberally to your body where it penetrates the pores and exfoliates the skin.

After the Savon Noir has been left to soak for a while you enter the last phase of the hammam. Your tellak will then take a coarse fabric glove and scrub your body. And when we say scrub, we mean scrub. If you thought your Nan was rough with the flannel when you were little think again.

After the Savon Noir has been cleaned off your skin will be tingling from head to toe and able to relax for a while.

The primary benefit of hammam is that it cleans your pores of impurities and sloughs off dead skin. This reveals the fresh smoother skin beneath, and the increase in blood flow from the massage aspect will give you a healthy glow.

Other benefits of hammam include:

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Pain relief
  • Respiratory benefits
  • And of course it’s also a rejuvenating experience, leaving you feeling refreshed inside and out.

One of the best ways of recreating the hammam effect is by using Thalgo Plasmalg Gel – Gel Plasmalg which can be used to enhance the effects of a bath, body wrap, sauna or hammam.

Described as a true beauty secret, it can be applied just before slipping into a bath containing Micronised Marine Algae or Thalassobath, it encourages the absorption of minerals and trace elements.

Apply all over the body before the bath, concentrating on the legs if they feel tired. When used to care for oily skin or the scalp, leave on for a few minutes before rinsing.

Active ingredients:

  • Decoction of Micronised Algae
  • Alginates


The skin feels replenished with minerals and revitalised. The transcutaneous absorption of marine ions (in suspension in the bath or body wrap) is encouraged. During heat-based treatments, sweating is stimulated to improve the elimination of toxins and excess sebum.

Under the combined effect of Natural Marine Mud from the Dead Sea and Sea Salts, this original scrub offers a detoxifying exfoliation, coupled with a truly intense relaxation effect.

The skin is soft and revitalised, roughness is eliminated and the body is relaxed.

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