Why does my dry skin tingle?

Carita-Fluide-de-Beaute-14-Ultra-Nourishing-Dry-Oil-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Why does my dry skin tingle?

Do you experience tingling, numbness or a prickly feeling on your skin sometimes? Often, these symptoms are a sign of dry skin. This is pretty common with men and women of all ages – and rare up on occasions when skin isn’t receiving enough care as usual.

According to zocdoc.com, one very common cause if tingling in various parts of the skin is dryness or irritation of the skin. This is especially the case if you also have other symptoms of skin irritation, such as itching or areas of redness and dryness.

So how do you stop the tingling sensation? Many people who experience it can find it irritating and if so you will want to avoid harsh soaps and other things that dry out the skin. You will also want to use a good skin moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated, and you will want to talk to your doctor to determine whether additional treatments, such as topical steroid creams, might be needed.

Rarely, tingling sensations can be a sign of a more serious problem. For example, if you have tingling in one area of the body, this may be a sign of a stroke, especially if it is also accompanied by other symptoms, such as weakness of the muscles, headache or other serious symptoms. If you have any sudden onset of symptoms like this, this is a medical emergency and you need immediate attention.

Otherwise, get in to see your primary care doctor at your earliest convenience.

However, when you know tingling skin is linked to your dry skin, try Thalgo Cold Cream Marine Deeply Nourishing Mask. This is for people who suffer from dry skin with sensations of tingling, overheating and diffuse redness.

This mask, infused with Cold Cream Marine, is deeply repairing. Enriched with micro-encapsulated Borage Oil, it infuses fatty acids (Omega-6) drop by drop into the skin, helping to soothe all feelings of discomfort. Apply all over the face and neck twice a week for 10 minutes before gently rinsing off.


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