Loyalty Points

Frequently Asked Questions

Our store credit (Novas) is calculated automatically for each order you make. Based on your total order sum and your account level, you will earn Novas.
When you are using Novas to partially pay for your order, you will not receive Novas for that order.

Novas can be used as payment for the products. Any additional shipping costs that you might have, cannot be covered with Novas.

Account Levels are calculated automatically based on all of your orders total sum.
The more you purchase from us, the higher the level becomes and the more Novas you will earn from your purchases.

Levels calculation table:

Total Orders SumLevel
0 – 250 GBPLevel 1
250 – 500 GBPLevel 2
500 – 750 GPBLevel 3
750 – 1000 GBPLevel 4
1000 GBP or moreLevel 5