Does a face scrub exist without microbeads?

Gatineau-Refreshing-Melting-Scrub-1600x1068 Does a face scrub exist without microbeads?

Microbeads have been the scourge of ethical consumers for years, but the job they do needs to be replaced by something more environmentally friendly – so what are the options?

Something like Gatineau Refreshing Melting Scrub is a brilliant alternative with its addition of wax beads. But before we praise this product, what is the problem with microbeads. (Thanks very much to Greenpeace for the info).

What are microbeads? Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic that are added to everyday cosmetic products face wash, toothpaste, abrasive cleaners and lots more. They are most frequently made of polyethylene but can be of other petrochemical plastics such as polypropylene and polystyrene. Microbeads are small enough to go down your plughole and easily pass water filtration systems, usually smaller than 5 millimetres.

How do they affect the ocean? Microbeads are tiny, and may seem harmless, but 100,000 microbeads are washed down the sink with a single application of some products, ending up in the sea and the food chain.

Where do they end up? New scientific research is continuing to find more and more examples of plastic inside all kinds of sealife. But it’s not just marine life, a recent study showed that 90 per cent of birds have plastic in their stomachs too! Microbeads end up in humans through toothpaste and through eating seafood that has ingested microplastics and the toxins that come with them. Check out this really useful infographic to find out more.

Gatineau Refreshing Melting Scrub is a dual action facial scrub eliminates impurities and dead skin cells using small melting wax beads that polish the skin’s surface. Extremely gentle, this exfoliant replenishes moisture levels and is perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin. The complexion is refined and skin restores a healthy natural glow.

  • Enriched with fine exfoliating granules this melting gel formulation buffs away dead skin cells leaving the skin soft and smooth.
  • Eliminates impurities through a soft abrasive action.

The complexion appears brighter and the skin is hydrated and soothed.

Apply generously to the face & neck on wet or dry skin. Massage in circular motions for 1 to 2 minutes before rinsing off with water. Use twice weekly followed by your favourite mask.

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