Ella Bache Savon Creme Deep Cleansing Scrub

We received some inquiries from some young ladies who are having a sad time with their Acne skin, and have asked a number of questions on cleansing. So Abloomnova team are here to introduce you the very ultimate way to cleanse your skin, not a cleanser, not a cleansing toner, but the Ella Bache savon creme deep cleansing scrub.  Scrub? Yes, you wouldn’t imagine the technologies nowadays, they have redefined this scrub to be diverse in many ways, and we hope the green packaged, not so pretty product can gently ease you out of any stress for those who have Acne and oily skin type.


Ella Bache savon creme deep cleansing scrub is developed especially for all oily and acne skin types, with its fine textured cream that can offer a deep cleansing experience to exfoliate your skin.  Don’t get it wrong with this scrub, its has been proven to be effective yet have negative reputation in worsening acne skin; if you are getting this product, stay strict to its instruction to treat your skin once a week, avoid areas with big pimples and let its silica granules gently unclog your pores that are stuck with dirt and impurities from the urban life we live. While its preventing your skin to have new Acne breakouts, it can assist you in maintaining a matt and clear complexion, leaving your skin fresh without drying out as well.


Last but not least, Abloomnova always tweet on the importance of healthy diet (follow us @abloomnova), healthy lifestyle is after-all making you who you are. You wouldn’t expect to have glowy, dewy, flawless skin if you have bad habits like eating junk food or binge drinking a lot, would you?

Let’s spare more time in looking up some quality food, learn some new skills to brighten your home recipes, so not only your skin will thank for your love in getting it the right nutrition, your friends and family (and your S.O.!) will surely be impressed and benefited from it! Haven’t they always been the best motivation to you?


P.S. Laura and Adeline, Abloomnova is with you xx

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