Guinot Rebalancing Sources for oily to combination skin

I mentioned about exfoliating previously and want to say this once again today as I am going to introduce the products for oily skin and for oily skin exfoliating is very important as this keeps skin clean of dead skin cells and helps to reduce spot problems too.
Oily skin needs very special care!

oily-skin Guinot Rebalancing Sources for oily to combination skin

These are the products that are best for oily skin:

  • Guinot Microbiotic Mousse — Microbiotic Foam
  • Guinot Microbiotic Lotion — Microbiotic Toning Lotion
  • Guinot Crème Pur Equilibre — Pure Balance Cream
  • Guinot Acnilogic — serum
  • Guinot Correcteur Traitant — Face matifying Concealer
  • Guinot Masque Pur Equilibre — Pure Balance Mask

Products from this group are designed to help with acne and oily skin problems and I can tell you — they really do work! This is thanks to the Seboregulatir Complex, Sebocidine Complex and L’Acnicidine formulas. I will go deeper into detail in future blogs — please keep checking our blog for a lot more useful information!

See you soon,

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