A guide to firm skin in later life

Thalgo-Silicium-Concentrate-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 A guide to firm skin in later life

Firm skin needs a little bit of help as we get older. While it’s a sign of ageing, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely out of reach for older skin. There’s a few simple things we can do in order to keep our skin supply and as firm as possible as we age.

Thanks to Prevention.com for the tips!

1. Lose weight gradually.
Most experts recommend aiming for 1 to 5 pounds per week, depending on your starting point. Losing weight quickly, by means of fad diets and cleanses, will compromise the contours of your face, affect the health of your skin, and impact your overall success in keeping the weight off.

2. Build muscle.

Replace the fat that once filled out your skin with lean mass by focusing your fitness routine on strength training. You want the muscle to essentially replace the fat that is being lost to prevent loose or sagging skin. When your underlying muscle is toned and tight, it really helps give your skin a strong foundation to rest on. Building strength as you target flab not only keeps your skin taut, it also amps up your calorie burn long after you leave the gym, aiding your weight-loss efforts.

3. Practice good sun protection.
If you exercise outdoors, take steps to reduce your exposure to the sun’s collagen-destroying UV rays. Plan your walk or run for the early morning or late in the day, when the sun is less scorching. Slather on sunscreen, and make sure the label says «broad-spectrum»—that means it protects against UVA and UVB rays, which both damage your dermis. And consider protective clothing. There’s a lot of great UPF clothing that gives you an SPF of about 50, just by putting on a shirt.

One of the best creams for firm skin is Thalgo Silicium Concentrate — Concentre Silicium — a wonderfully effective anti-aging concentrate for women over the age of 45. This concentrate reduces marked wrinkles and brings back firmness of the facial contours and neck with this high-concentration treatment.

Intensely re-sculpting, the Concentre Silicium serum amplifies the effects of the Cream for an incomparably supple and velvety skin finish, which overall gives more youthful and firm skin.

Apply morning and/or evening under the Silicium Cream as a 1-month course of treatment to be repeated several times a year.

Active ingredients:
• Marine Silicium Complex
• Meristotheca dakarensis + Jania rubens Algae
• Matrixyl 6

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