[SERIES] Bunch of goodness — All about that BASE

beautiful-skin [SERIES] Bunch of goodness - All about that BASE

Have you heard of a saying that for every beautiful face, it takes 50% effort from your makeup and 50% from your skin care, do you agree with that? We totally buy that! And we are so happy that Denise our royal supporter has enrolled to do a makeup course and exploring a way to be a makeup artist! We’ve sent a pack of samples for her to use during her class to prepare the skin of her models, hopefully Abloomnova will be fulfilling 50% of boosting models’ skin to best condition!

“For this pack of samples gifted by Abloomnova, I started using them for my makeup course, the first thing I learned about makeup is all about that base, with the appropriate amount of moisturizer, it takes up the essence of a long lasting makeup look. With the a great and quick massage to use three to four fingers plus your palm area to pad the moisturizer on your face for a good 10 minutes, this will directly send the moisture under the surface of our skin, and set your skin for your foundation as smooth and silky for all day long!”

“This time, I was a bit in a rush and randomly picked Ella Bache Spirulines Combleur-Green Rides — Intensive Wrinkle Plumper, it is a very blendable cream which gives instant glow to the skin, not greasy at all, there were no sticky hair afterwards, and my model said her pores are smaller after the makeup class! I am very thrilled that it completely assists heavy foundation coverage for photo shoots!”

“I also noticed my smile folds were less visible after using it for a week, and the series has another smoothing cream that contains the same colour in Spirulines Green, I am very looking forward to try it out!”

Love xx

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