Ella Bache Spirulina Green Caps

It’s December! Everything is getting a bit Christmasy isn’t it? I can smell the breeze of holiday and wait — finger-crossed we won’t be getting too tired. I could imagine the preparation stage is always the most energy consuming, but it is great that Christmas is almost everyone’s favourite season, including me!

Talking about preparation — I’ve been looking at the Ella Bache Green Caps, which are made especially for those of you who are troubled by wrinkles. Even though I am not yet at the age where I should be worrying about my wrinkles, it is good to be prepared. After studying this product, I truly believe it would work perfectly for deep wrinkles, because the key ingredient (Hyaluronic Acid) does an amazing job, by actively working to reduce them. The official site says 88% of users found their skin smoother and tighter in less than a month!

On the other hand, we also believe eating healthy is the essence to get the best look and feel to your skin. So to try and help you achieve the best results, we would like you to take this with you: Green Caps which is the food supplement we’ve picked for you! And the reason we chose this specifically is because it contains 86% of natural ingredients.

Also, if you can, we recommend to complete the whole intensive nutrition filling program which is 3 months (3 boxes).

And lastly it contains 220 elements that are actually a must take on daily basis!! Well, what more could you ask for when all you need to do is take 2 caps daily to have significantly reduced wrinkles.

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