Ways to look TEN years younger

woman-2475965_1280 Ways to look TEN years younger

We’re all on the quest to look younger, but there are simple ways to turn back the hands of time without doing something drastic.

Thanks to GoodHousekeeping who helped us list those everyday things that will make us look better and brigher — amen to that!

Drink up — your coffee, that is. Swedish and Finnish researchers found that moderate coffee consumption (three to five cups a day) cut dementia risk 65 percent.

Get moving. Middle-aged women and men who exercise five to six times a week (brisk walking is OK) are far less likely to develop mild cognitive impairment later in life.

Check your numbers. Having high cholesterol in your 40s ups your chances of developing Alzheimer’s later in life, researchers reported at a 2008 meeting of the American Academy of Neurology.

Also keep an eye on… your HDL. Low levels are linked to memory loss and dementia, a University College London study of 3,673 participants found.

Watch your weight. Obesity can increase your dementia risk 80 percent on average, a Johns Hopkins study found. Most dangerous: fat around your middle, other research has reported.

Name your reasons. Having a greater purpose in life is linked to a lower chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease, say researchers from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

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– Vitamin E: Regenerating and revitalising.

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